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Wind and Hydroelectric Energy Mini Unit - Lesson Plans, Powerpoint & Printables

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Basic Science


Grade 4, 5, 6

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About This Product

Wind and Hydroelectric Energy Mini Unit

This is an exemplary teaching resource chiefly designed for educators looking to school their students on alternative energy. Though it largely caters to grade 4-6 students studying Basic Science, it comes with two exciting lessons that explore the principles of wind and hydroelectric energy.

Besides, the unit boasts a broad range of features:

  • Seven printable worksheets
  • Science stations
  • Activities with lesson summarizers
  • A splashy 28-slide powerpoint containing exclusive custom animations.
  • An extensive end-of-unit assessment featuring twelve questions spread over two pages.

Lesson one: Direct Instruction & Note-taking through Interactive Notebook Learning Map:

In this first lesson, students will participate in note-taking using the provided interactive notebook learning map while being taught through direct instruction complemented by animated PowerPoint presentations filled with unique clip-art and attentively timed striking animations.

Lesson two: Introducing Investigation Activity:

This lesson introduces an investigation activity where groups of learners rotate between different science stations applied either as whole-classroom or small-group activities.

  1. Different tasks related to wind and hydroelectric energy include think-and-respond activities like comparing labeled images or comprehension passages titled “Wind Energy – From Moving Air To Electricity” followed by responsive q&as.
  2. The unit also offers specialized tasks like a cut-color-paste wind turbine diagramming activity enhancing hands-on growth in learners!

    If you're tech-inclined, it also presents computer-based research exercises on other alternative energy sources like biofuel or solar – Excellent for implementation through computer labs or mobile carts.

The mini-unit lasts three-to-five science blocks depending on your class period length. To wrap it all up, there's a comprehensive quiz that assess student understanding throughout the unit.

Motivating, Interactive and Empowering Self-learning!

Lay the foundation for knowledge about alternative energy in young minds today with this educative package and prepare them to be leaders tomorrow.

What's Included

Included in this mini-unit:

- Two Lesson Plans

- 28 slide animated power point

*************PLUS 9 more printable pages and worksheets including:************* -

Lesson Summarizer (writing prompt): How can moving water and air be sources of energy?

- Student Learning Map / Interactive Notebook note-taker for use during the powerpoint

***Five Science Stations (no materials required with the exception of station 5 if chosen to do in class, computers or a mobile cart will be necessary.)***

- Station 1 – Wind and Hydroelectric Energy – Think and Respond

- Station 2 – Wind Energy reading comprehension and questions

- Station 3 – Wind turbine diagram – cut, paste and color activity

- Station 4 – Hydroelectric Energy – read, think and respond activity

- Station 5 – Alternative Sources of Energy – Research and respond

- Unit Assessment - two page, twelve question assessment with fill in the blank, true false, multiple choice and a short answer question.

Your students will adore the animations in the colorful power point with custom clipart and the learning activities they will find in this all inclusive, two lesson unit. They will learn a lot from the printable pages and you will have plenty of grading opportunities from this product as well, whether it is from one of the reading comprehension worksheets, cut and paste diagram activities, lab report or the twelve question summative quiz. They will also have a great time testing their knowledge at the end of the power point presentation with a seven question quiz, with immediate feedback!I can assure you that you and your students will love this unit!

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