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Kindergarten, Grade 1



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About This Product

WINTER FUN Gr. K-1: A Wholesome Teaching Resource

WINTER FUN Gr. K-1 is an exemplary teaching resource tailor-made to enthrall Kindergarten and Grade 1 students in productive, yet enjoyable learning experiences during the winter season. This essential tool allows educators to integrate the enchantment of winter into their instruction while simultaneously emphasizing crucial skill areas such as reading, brainstorming, math, word knowledge, creativity, and classification.

This expansive unit comprises a whopping total of 69 printing-ready pages, collated into a single practical PDF file. It incorporates various academic disciplines through captivating winter-themed activities.

In Language Arts:

  • The inclusion of reading tasks aimed at broadening students' vocabulary whilst fostering a deep-rooted fondness for literature.
  • Incorporate brainstorming activities designed to ignite creative thinking skills and stimulate out-of-the-box ideation.

In Mathematics:

  • A selection of maths exercises deliberately distributed throughout the unit aids in understanding new mathematical concepts; all encompassed within heartwarming winter themes that kids find relatable during this festive season.

We appreciate that kids occasionally require breaks from typical academic workloads! Thus we've interspersed creative outlets where pupils can manifest their inner artist through diverse artistic endeavors centered around a wintertime motif.

The WINTER FUN Gr.K-1 resource easily adapts regardless if it's utilized for whole group instruction or small group sessions in either public schools or homely education set-ups. Additionally, it comfortably doubles up as main assignments during regular school hours or supplementary take-home activities – a boost to day-to-day lessons at home.

To summarize, WINTER FUN Gr.K-1 is an indispensable teaching aid for any Kindergarten or Grade 1 teacher eager about maximizing the educational benefit of every in-class moment while keeping it festive!

What's Included

1 PDF with 69 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

winter fun winter printables experiments snowman poems

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