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Winter Fun Video Storybook

An educational teaching resource from Twin Sisters Digital Media entitled Winter Fun Video Storybook downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Winter Fun Video Storybook: An Engaging and Wholesome Teaching Resource

Winter Fun Video Storybook, specially designed for early learners, develops an understanding of winter-related concepts through an engaging video format.

Vibrant Illustrations Abound

Richly illustrated with black and white artwork splashed with vibrant colors, this video storybook boasts a range of images from

  • Cozy mittens and graceful ice-skates,
  • Adventurous sleds and friendly snowmen,
  • Delicate snowflakes and majestic polar bears,
  • To comforting hot cocoa.

A Versatile Learning Tool For Every Setting

The versatility of Winter Fun Video Storybook shines in various settings – whether used collectively in kindergarten groups during festive seasons, individual home-learning sessions, homework or as distance learning material.

Fostering Learning Continuity within Baby’s First Christmas Series

This storybook is part of the Baby’s First Christmas Video series that includes other titles like'Christmas Joy', 'Holiday Surprise', and 'Santa’s Coming'. These sequential resources ensure continuity in learning themes throughout the festive season. Even beyond Christmas time', this MP4 storybook reinforces fundamental winter-associated words.

Mindful Content Presented Aesthetically to Promote Language Development

The teaching resource pairs mindful content with aesthetically pleasing illustrations within a digital format - offering both entertainment value along with pedagogical features. Thus making language development fun during early years education. However, due to its file type being MP4 it is best suited for pre-recorded lessons.

What's Included

1 MP4 video storybook for Winter Fun

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