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Winter Games Ten Frame Clip Cards - EBOOK

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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1





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Winter Games Ten Frame Clip Cards - EBOOK

Winter Games Ten Frame Clip Cards, in ebook format, is a dynamic teaching resource designed to add an element of amusement to your instructional activities. This resource serves as an exceptional addition especially during winter or holiday-themed lessons and stimulates students to engage their fine motor skills while polishing their counting abilities.

This versatile educational tool can be smoothly integrated into various learning contexts- working wonders for morning tasks just as it does for homework or group projects. The adaptable nature of this content facilitates its incorporation into learning centers, encouraging both independent and shared learning experiences.

The activity requires students to carefully inspect a quirky picture related to Winter Olympics sports and games on each card. Students are then asked to put their counting skills into action using the ten-frame method before clipping a clothespin onto the corresponding correct word.

  • Storing this material won't be cumbersome; these cards fit comfortably inside small plastic photo storage boxes available at any local craft store, becoming easily managed and orderly educational aids.
  • To simplify labeling, this product includes a title card that can conveniently be attached on top of the box.

Focused primarily at preschoolers through first-grade learners, this eight-page PDF ebook not only encourages mathematical proficiency but also beautifully aligns with holiday seasons like winter by incorporating elements relevant to corresponding festivities.

In conclusion, merging academics with fun-filled activities, these Winter Games Ten Frame Counting Clip Cards deliver age-appropriate content that perfectly fits within various learner settings. The handy ebook contains interactive visuals connected to popular rhymes narrated across multiple pages providing ten-frame based mathematics problems in easily adjustable pdf files offering flexibility with use.

What's Included

8 pages in PDF format

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winter games ten frame clip cards counting fine motor skills

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