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Wolves eBook - Know-It-Alls!

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Grade 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

Wolves eBook - Know-It-Alls!

Dive into the world of wolves with the opulent educational resource from the Know-It-Alls! Series. Designed specifically for grades 2–4, this eBook offers captivating facts and insights about wolves.

Innovative Science Education

The Wolves eBook embodies a blend of audio narration and sound effects to create an immersive learning environment. This novel teaching tool is ideal for inquisitive young learners, offering them impressive wolf-related data as well as coverage on various other subjects within the series such as:

  • Dinosaurs
  • Farm Animals
  • Sharks
  • Spiders, and many more.

Multimodal Teaching Approach

This resource comes as a zip file loaded with both an audio file and ebook providing a diversified approach to teaching tools. Its versatile format allows educators to integrate it into various settings like group discussion sessions centered on listening comprehension or individual reading time at home or school.

A Superb Add-On To Science Lesson Plans

The Wolves eBook - Know-It-Alls! serves primarily grades 2 through 4, making it conducive for use in full-class activities encouraging student interaction and promoting life skills such as teamwork, respect for diverse viewpoints etc., facilitating classroom-to-real-world transition.

Nourishing Intrigue & Fostering Interest Surpass traditional boundaries with this instructive medium that encourages hands-on understanding of scientific theories using dual formats: text and sounds.
Note: The use of this engaging resource has potential to positively impact broader academia atmosphere aiding crafting enjoyable as well productive learning journey.

What's Included

1 zip file with audio and ebook

Resource Tags

Wolves Know-It-Alls eBook Science education Immersive learning

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