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Worksheets on Enlightened Despots

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



Jason Stein
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About This Product

Introducing the Enlightened Despots Worksheet

This engaging educational resource is designed specifically to spark interest in the Age of Enlightenment, fostering a comprehensive understanding of historical concepts for Grades 9 to 12 students.

The worksheet spotlights three influential despotic rulers from this significant era: Catherine the Great of Russia, Frederick the Great of Prussia, and Joseph II of Austria. The goal here is to allow students to delve deep into these historic figures' reigns.

  • Interest piques right from the onset:

  • Three thought-provoking introductory questions about despots and enlightened despots setting up an intriguing premise. Subsequently, a comprehensive chart invites students to explore different aspects related these rulers—their period in power and key changes they brought about inspired by Enlightenment principles.

  • Critical Evaluation urged:

  • This handout urges learners to evaluate these monarchs’ decisions critically within context. Considering how such rule diverged (or stuck) with conventional despotism due largely—to inspiration drawn from thinkers proclaiming reason's virtue during the Age of Reason aka Enlightenment Era.

  • Invaluable Teacher Support:

  • An answer key accompanies this resource which offers integral support when assessing student understanding or facilitating concept discussion post-activity.

Where does it fit?

The worksheet can be seamlessly integrated into any lesson plan involving European history or political theory studies—or both! That said; homeschooler families would find immense benefit too because it doesn't require extensive background knowledge hence potentially benefiting independent study approach along with traditional classroom scenarios alike!

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