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American Revolution and Enlightment

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History: USA


Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



Jason Stein
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About This Product

American Revolution and Enlightenment: A High School Resource Product

This resource primarily caters to grades 9 to 12. It seamlessly integrates into Social Studies classes with a distinct focus on the U.S. History section of the curriculum.

The objective of this educational product is to kindle critical thinking about Enlightenment ideas' significant influence on the American Revolution and the establishment of United States government.

  • The tasks involve analyzing different Enlightenment thinkers, understanding their vital contribution to America's birth as a republic.

  • Unlike standalone projects, this resource offers comprehensive lesson plans that facilitate a smooth learning journey from inception to completion.

A captivating introductory video link serves as an engagement trigger for each class session; priming students for in-depth knowledge assimilation.

Closing Discussion Questions:

'Thoughtful closing discussion questions prompt learners towards synthesis - enabling them to consolidate their comprehension.


  • User-friendly zip file format, ensuring easy downloads and anytime accessibility.

In summary, American Revolution and Enlightenment goes beyond being just another Social Studies project; it's an intellectual wave through history’s strategic turning points—all effortlessly assimilated within your curriculum framework.

If you're an educator spearheading lessons at school or efficiently managing home-based schooling—this teaching resource is geared up not only for knowledge sharing but also shaping up future by reflecting upon our past..

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