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Write A Story Called 'Hugo Has An Adventure' (7-11 years)

Write A Story Called 'Hugo Has An Adventure' (7-11 years)
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About This Product

"Write A Story Called 'Hugo Has An Adventure' (7-11 years)" is an educational resource tailored for learners ages 7 to 11, ideal for teachers and parents involved in public school teaching or homeschooling. This curriculum acts as a guide to inspire creativity whilst improving children's writing skills.

The Main Activity

The central part of the activity involves drafting a three-paragraph adventure story about a rabbit named Hugo. The product provides outlines, templates, and multiple-choice prompts to effectively shape the stories. Each sentence completion encourages the use of:
  • Dynamic verbs
  • Vivid adjectives and adverbs
A follow-up task further engages students by challenging them to come up with their whole story using questions about character appearance, traits, and favourite activities.

Beyond Creative Writing...

The resource expands beyond simple storytelling. It includes sections targeting various writing skills such as:
  • Email construction,
  • Letter formation,
  • Scriptwriting for plays,
  • Diary entries
  • And even reports!
These versatile lessons can be used in different settings: whole group instruction material, small guided group work or individual homework assignments.

Educational Foundations:

Each task has underlying learning targets:
  • Grammar Basics:: Integration with punctuation practice.
  • Sentence Structures:: Lessons on simple sentences, compound sentences & complex ones.

  • Spelling Tips: Helps enhance vocabulary with descriptive words offering superior word choices.
This comprehensive language art activity pack "Write A Story Called' Hugo Has An Adventure' (7-11 years)" is indeed more than a fun learning resource. It serves as preparatory practice for kids preparing for exams or requiring extra support in English language environments, especially for ESL or special education students. The material is downloadable in PDF format, making it convenient to print worksheets or integrate into digital presentations.

What's Included

17 pages

Resource Tags

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