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Write Lot's Of Stories About Being Out And About: Pack 3 (7-11 years)

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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Write Lot's Of Stories About Being Out And About: Pack 3 (7-11 years) is a unique and interactive teaching aid that emphasizes on enthusiasm and creativity while learning. Making story-writing an exciting venture for children, it simultaneously introduces them to the fundamentals of language arts. The series is adaptive to diversified classroom settings involving individual students or groups.

The resource commences with two compelling stories – 'The Summer Barbecue' along with Gareth and Gemma’s tales. These narratives are complemented by suitable plans which give students insight into the art of storytelling. Observing how each sentence brings in new elements, learners get inspired to author their own intriguing tales.

  • Tales about an interesting summer barbecue or a supermarket adventure.
  • The narratives create a base for students to learn about dialogue development via excerpts of radio script from Guinea Pig Radio interactions between George and Christabelle.

  • Creative tasks such as- drafting experiential emails/phone conversations or literally painting out scenarios for potential show callers using elements like characters setting plots derived from vivid imagination.

In an attempt to enrich sentences’ quality and enable deeper understanding of complex sentences, our resource also includes exercises like creating 'I am' lists using self-invented verbs or even integrating sub-clauses usage within sentences.

Ideal school work reinforcement at home; Write Lot's Of Stories About Being Out And About: Pack 3 (7-11 years) suits multiple grades i.e., 2 thru 5 making creative writing uncomplicated yet engaging part of language arts curriculum. This bundle available in easy-to-download PDF format not only boosts student's confidence regarding their writing capabilities but also serves as a time-saver for teachers while crafting lesson plans or assigning homework tasks.

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25 pages

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