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Write Lot's Of Stories: The Kite (7-11 years)

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About This Product

Write Lots Of Stories: The Kite (7-11 years)

Write Lots Of Stories: The Kite (7-11 years) is an enriching teaching resource tailored towards stimulating creativity and writing skills in children aged 7-11. Geared around the intriguing concepts of kites and adventures, this instructional material perfectly supplements Language Arts curriculums that emphasize on creative writing.

Main Features

  • The Dragon Kite- A partially-written narrative that needs completion through multiple-choice options or original ideas.
  • The Stunt Kite-A task designed to excite an adventure, rescue or fantasy yarn with dedicated slots for characters, settings development, and plot resolution.

Educational Goals

This educational packet provides guided exercises for crafting captivating narratives while focusing on teaching essential writing techniques like the construction of simple, compound, and complex sentences. Additionally, it invites students to fuel their poetic imagination by composing a poem titled Flying My Kite.

This magazine-style layout resource features vibrant visuals favoring engagement even among reluctant writers or learners with special educational needs. Accompanied by stories from fellow peers' creations as relatable examples stimulating children's confidence to articulate their ideas creatively.

Versatility Instructional Material

Ideal for diverse classroom settings— including whole group discussions dissecting varied story elements; small cohorts brainstorming plot twists; individual assignments encouraging personal creative freedom – this unique product delivers practicability alongside utility even for independent home study or reinforcing established lessons. Boasting inherent versatility enables seamless incorporation at any stage of curriculum progression—this tool underlines vocabulary improvement fostering young minds' imaginations independently. Comparatively, not disregarding fun—an assertive addition to any language arts instructional material collection meeting the diverse learning needs of second through fourth graders.

What's Included

27 pages

Resource Tags

kite adventure creative writing storytelling skills imaginative narratives language arts curriculum

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