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Plan And Write A Story Called 'The Stunt Kite' (7-11 years)

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Grade 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

Plan And Write A Story Called 'The Stunt Kite' (7-11 years)

Focusing on the creative writing skills of second, third and fourth graders, this product caters to their varying storytelling preferences whether it's adventure, rescue or fantasy. It functions as a fantastic teaching resource for those aiming to write their own story titled 'The Stunt Kite', guided by meticulously set directions.


  • This package directs children to write three paragraphs:
    1. An introductory paragraph detailing characters, setting, and the initial plot;
    2. A middle paragraph expanding the action while building suspense;
    3. A concluding paragraph derived from one of three offered solutions.

  • The product offers high-level vocabulary prompts which students can include in their narrative or poem titled ‘Flying My Kite.' These prompts are aimed at enhancing learners' linguistic skills as well as comprehension capabilities.

  • 'Magazine style' teaching resources containing tips about various writing techniques are included. They touch on creating simple sentences along with formulating compound and complex ones. Both native English speakers and ESL learners can benefit from these features.

  • The worksheets suit various group dynamics such as whole class discussions, small study groups or homework assignments due to their flexible nature that allows them align with different teaching methodologies.


This effective educational tool enhances learning experiences at home or in public school classes while also serving as a valuable aid for educators which saves time on lesson planning and assignment creation. This collection is sure to inspire students enabling them reach full potential in language arts!

What's Included

8 pages

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