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Writing Activities for Park Lane School Presents The Wizard of Oz (6-10 years)

Writing Activities for Park Lane School Presents The Wizard of Oz (6-10 years)
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About This Product

Product Title: Writing Activities for Park Lane School Presents The Wizard of Oz (6-10 years)

A comprehensive, digital resource designed to develop creative writing skills in children aged between 6-10 years old. Using the engaging narrative of Park Lane School's presentation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, this interactive toolkit provides opportunities for reflection, self-expression and deeper understanding.

About the Story:

The story centers around Sam, a student who longs to shine on stage. However, due to his audition jitters, he ends up working behind the scenes. As we explore different emotions such as enthusiasm, disappointment and nervousness students connect with these feelings creating opportunity for personal reflection.

Versatile Classroom Application:

  • Crafted by an elementary school teacher.
  • The resource can be implemented as part of group activities enabling student interaction through discussions and feedback.
  • It could also serve as takeaway assignment encouraging individual introspection at home.

Park Lane School Presents...The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz: Writing Activity Resource Content:

This package contains a total of 45 pages flooded with thought provoking questions and stimulating write-up tasks rooted in our very storyline. Children are supported not only expressing their own experiences but imagining what others might think or feel connecting on an emotional aspect which indirectly stimulates emotional cognizance alongside bettering their arts faculty. This is a shareable digital tool compatible across platforms like Google Classroom that proffers flexibility making it value-addition whether you are:

  • a public school teacher seeking high-quality materials
  • a homeschooler looking for viable creative writing exercises or drills.

Inclusive Features:

Also inclusive of coloring pictures that add an adventurous element, enriching the creative exploration process.

Grade and Subject Area:

The resource is suitable for students in Grade 1-4 under the language arts subject area. An ideal addition to influencing your student's communication potentials filled with relatable content through exploring Sam's heartfelt journey.

What's Included

45 pages

Resource Tags

creative writingemotional awarenessstorytellinginteractive activitiesliterature

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