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Year Long Letter Identification & Sounds Intervention or Center Game

About This Product

Year Long Letter Identification & Sounds Intervention or Center Game

Year Long Letter Identification & Sounds Intervention or Center Game is an innovative teaching resources incorporating educational games focused on letter identification and phonics. Customized for preschool to kindergarten grade levels, this resource adapts to various holiday seasons or themes, enhancing reading centers or intervention groups into diverse learning environments.

With effortless set up that takes less than five minutes, these activities are both fun and great for practicing letter recognition. The full package includes twelve different game sets themed around each season of the year and also celebrates special holidays.

Main features:

  • Winter-themed game set
  • Valentine’s Day game edition
  • Treats for St. Patrick’s Day enthusiasts
  • Easter-inspired non-religious proposition
  • A reminder of blooming flowers in Spring-Time theme
  • The heatwave everyone enjoys during Summer Beach theme period .............. .............. ..... [Continue listing all the themes] .....

Note:We have also included a special Kwanza theme for cultural celebrations!

About Gameplay:

The gameplay consists of a board (which you create by gluing two printed sheets), thematic cards requiring students to mimic actions and recite phrases. This approach allows students who are not comfortable with competitive games as they can enjoy without having the pressure of winning.

Educational Standards Met by This Resource:

This tool covers the below Common Core Standards through its language arts lessons:

  1. K.1d and RF.K.3a: Understanding basic features of print.
  2. K.3b: Associate Letter-Sound Correspondence Sound-Letter Recognition.

In conclusion, these resources offer a merge of education and entertainment that caters to your students' needs while providing meaningful learning experiences all year round.

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