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Yellow & Pink Flowers Classroom Positive Affirmation Station Kit

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About This Product

Promote a nurturing atmosphere within your educational environment using the Yellow & Pink Flowers Classroom Positive Affirmation Station Kit. This engaging and user-friendly teaching resource is primarily dedicated to uplifting young learners' self-esteem by leveraging an array of colourful affirmation cards in appealing flower designs.
Optimized for PowerPoint, each textual element within this kit is fully customizable, allowing educators to modify phrases according to specific classroom needs or learning goals. Usable across all grade levels and subjects, its versatility proves integral to its functionality. Both text editability and resizable graphic elements ensure its adaptability in various pedagogical contexts.
  • The kit houses approximately 60 round affirmation cards measuring 4.5 inches, alongside 60 square affirmations cards being 4 inches in size - a repository of positive words that teachers can distribute during class hours or apply as homework assignments for pupils' personal use at home.
  • Supportive cues come in two formats including four large headers sizing up at about 10 x 6 inches along with smaller variants stretching roughly up to 10 x3.5 inches; these may be utilized as noteworthy reminders or visual triggers for collective thinking exercises during classroom interactions.

For those who prefer ready-to-print versions over customization options, there are PDF files (uneditable) available which retain product high-quality visual coherence despite color variations due likely screen resolution diversifications.

To execute this resource effectively, we recommend utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint (2010 version or later) for editable files while Adobe Acrobat Reader suffices the purpose if working with PDF versions remains preferable.

In essence, the Yellow & Pink Flowers Classroom Positive Affirmation Station Kit is more than just a teaching aid; it serves as an agent of happiness; stimulating thoughtfulness among students whilst promoting positivity within your lively educational setups throughout diverse learning conditions.

What's Included

♥ Ready to print PDF Files (not editable)

♥ Microsoft PowerPoint Files (editable)


♥ 4 big headers – 10 x 6 inches

♥ 4 small headers – 10 x 3.5 inches

♥ 60 round affirmation cards – 4.5 in

♥ 60 square affirmation cards – 4 in


Colors may vary depending on screen’s resolution.


• For pdf file - ADOBE ACROBAT READER.

You can get it for free

• For pptx file - Microsoft PowerPoint (2010 or later version)

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