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"Zane and the Hurricane" Novel Study Figurative Language Activities

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Figurative language generates emotion, sets the tone and mood, and reflects subtle connotational nuances. These are crucial cues that assist readers in making inferences and comprehending the author's purpose. Students should be aware of this type of language. This figurative language study provides an abundance of figurative language examples from the novel Zane and the Hurricane by Rodman Philbrick that students can analyze.

⭐️This resource includes:⭐️

  • Figurative Language Posters: Simile, Metaphor, Hyperbole, Personification, Idiom (definition, why authors use it, examples, & non-examples)

  • Figurative Language Practice Sheets: Students will identify figurative language in passages taken from the novel and determine the type, meaning, and author’s purpose for including the figurative language identified in each passage. This activity can be divided up by splitting the class into groups and having each group work on different pages for a section of chapters. It could also be divided up and assigned as a bell ringer, warm-up activity, or exit ticket. Includes a total of 20 pages and is broken into the following sections: Ch. 1–5, Ch. 6–10, Ch. 11–15, Ch. 16–20, Ch. 21–25, and Ch. 26–end (INCLUDES ANSWER KEY).

  • Finding Figurative Language Chart: As students read the novel, they fill out the chart with examples of figurative language they come across while reading. Students should provide the quote from the text, page numbers, type of figurative language used, meaning, and why the author included it. The figurative language chart is not specific to this particular novel and can be used with any text.


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