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12 Intermediate - Advanced Level French Dictée Exercises

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

12 Intermediate - Advanced Level French Dictée Exercises

The product provides a set of audio files designed to enhance the learning experience of grade 9-12 students studying the French language. Focusing on real-world contexts and dialogues, these materials are immediately applicable.

Educator's Tool

As an educator, you understand the need for developing listening comprehension and understanding of spoken language. Each separate dictation exercise provided comes with an answer key and translation, empowering learners for self-assessment while offering valuable vocabulary enrichment tools.

Example Text:
"You and I, we live along the same river. It's this river that brings us the water we drink."

This example demonstrates seamless integration of real-life context into language learning.

Digital Age Resources

The exercises are packed in a zip file – a format accessible in today's digital age when purely physical resources become scarce but still applicable across computers. Ideal for homework or engaging classroom activities promoting collaborative studies.

  • Educators specializing in teaching French will find these resources beneficial due its intermediate level tuning suitably with grades 9-12 curriculum demands;
  • Homeschoolers may also consider using this resource due to its adaptability to individual learning schedules and needs.


Note:The resources, though digital (in zip file format), can easily be integrated into various teaching methods: whether it’s group presentations or individual assignments encouraging autonomous improvement on listening comprehension skills fundamental for advanced study any world languages – particularly French.

Using these exercises as extension activity or additional practice before exams can cover significant aspects:
  • Accent recognition,
  • Nuanced student comprehension about pronunciation – easing necessary implications such as during international exchanges or travels,

...Rounding up the language learning process comprehensively.

What's Included

1 zip file

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French language learning Dictée exercises Listening comprehension Vocabulary enrichment Real-life context

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