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24 Amazing Women SEL Boom Cards-Book Companion to She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton

24 Amazing Women SEL Boom Cards-Book Companion to She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton
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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5

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About This Product

24 Amazing Women SEL Boom Cards - A Book Companion to 'She Persisted' by Chelsea Clinton

This dynamic teaching resource enhances social and emotional learning through interactive activities. It is intended as a follow-up to reading 'She Persisted' by Chelsea Clinton. The pack includes 24 cards featuring influential women in history.

The Activity

  • Begins with an introduction to the 13 women featured in Clinton's book.
  • Adds 11 bonus women, expanding learners' knowledge base.
  • Inspires students about real-world heroines who faced challenges courageously.

Ideal for Women's History Month or year-round use, this digital resource enriches discussions on gender studies, history, and life skills. It also offers options for group projects or individual tasks.

Interactive Features via Boom Cards

All these works on most modern browsers when connected to the Internet. They provide immediate feedback with Fast Pins – a self-grading tool accessible regardless of premium membership status!

Including Offline Activity: Word Search Handout

    The deck comes with:
  • a word search handout featuring15 names from the pack
  • An integration of online tasks with offline pen-and-paper activities suitable for multiple grade levels (Grade 2–5).
Promoting Critical Thinking: Reflective Questions
The activity concludes with five questions that encourage students to think beyond just what they have learned from these remarkable figures. Embrace this remarkable educational journey into the lives of tenacious women who dared, dreamed, and achieved throughout history—including those presented in Chelsea Clinton's 'She Persisted'. It is not just a book companion; it's an insightful exploration of women's resilience and courage.

What's Included

A PDF with a paid link in the image.

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