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SEL Boom Cards-Be A Koala'ty Friend- With Audio Plus Handout

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About This Product

SEL Boom Cards - Be A Koala'ty Friend- With Audio Plus Handout

This engaging and interactive resource is designed to foster social and emotional learning (SEL) skills among young learners. It employs enchanting Australian wildlife characters to deliver essential lessons about friendship in a manner that's enjoyable, captivating, and easy to grasp.

About the Resource

The product consists of a deck of 24 task cards - each coming equipped with an audio feature for easier understanding. This aspect eliminates any requisite for reading abilities. Among these, seven task cards offer clear instructions directing students through the various activities.

The scenarios displayed involve two animated characters: the friendly Koala that signifies quality companionship, versus Connor the Crab who indicates selfish behavior.

Motivating Better Behavior
  • Throughout this card deck journey, students are urged to select between actions exemplifying those of a good friend or representing self-centered antics.
  • The purpose here is not only aiding kids in understanding key aspects of friendship but also strengthening their decision-making by demonstrating real-life social circumstances.

Creative Engagement & Recap

Towards closure, young recipients are motivated to draw an activity they can perform as a 'koala'ty friend linking creativity with constructive lessons.
Included along this pack is an appealing handout containing activities that invite physical participation from children - tracing images and exemplifying how they'd be good friends through writing exercises. This engagement offers them sense fulfillment while cementing necessary concepts about Friendship educationally but entertainingly. Alluring Visuals
The set's visually arresting illustrations further guarantee attention hold while setting preschoolers up until second-grade learners tuned during lesson hours alongside separate study durations at home or school.

Educational & Inclusive Teaching Aid

This teaching tool introduces fundamental concepts of social emotional learning (SEL) and caters to special education needs (SEN). It provides educators with an inclusive method for promoting social skill development and life studies in early educational settings.

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