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About This Product

Set your 2nd graders on the path to spelling success with this meticulously designed year-long curriculum spanning 30 weeks of engaging content. Developed for elementary classrooms and homeschool settings, it takes a patterns and rules approach to systematically build skills. Each week presents 10 carefully chosen words plus space to plug in 5 personalized vocabulary picks tied to current themes or priority trouble spots. This blend of structured scope and tailored customization enables targeted, immersive learning.

Strategically organized around spelling conventions like digraphs, blends, silent letters, and more, this 250+ page program nurtures understanding in tandem with memorization. Students actively study the reasoning behind spelling rules while shoring up foundational language arts abilities. Vivid accompanying materials allow educators to invest energy into instruction rather than planning.

Each weekly installment includes a colorful poster modeling that week’s spelling list and corresponding linguistic pattern, test sentence call-out sheets, pretest/test templates, and diverse worksheets suited for varied learning preferences. From tracing activities to original sentence writing to correctly spelling terms in context, the spectrum of activities drives well-rounded engagement.

Supplementary resources expand customizability and instructional options with an overall 2nd grade spelling word bank, multiple test templates, personalized practice sheets and beyond. This robust curriculum aims to make both teaching and learning this fundamental skill more dynamic via an explicit skills-building approach. Equip your 2nd graders for spelling prowess with a content-rich program designed to illuminate the logic behind spelling conventions.

Spelling Rules and Patterns Included By Week:

Week 1- Digraph "ch"

Week 2- Digraph "th"

Week 3- Digraph "sh"

Week 4- Digraph "wh"

Week 5- Commonly misspelled words

Week 6- Digraph "ph"

Week 7- Digraph "ck"

Week 8- Letter blend "st"

Week 9- Letter blend "cl"

Week 10- Letter blend "sw"

Week 11- Letter blend "nt"

Week 12- Trigraph "tch"

Week 13- Trigraph "dge"

Week 14- Trigraph "nch"

Week 15- Commonly misspelled words

Week 16- Trigraph "str"

Week 17- Trigraph "spr"

Week 19- Closed compound words

Week 20- Closed compound words

Week 21- Open compound words

Week 22- Words that start with "q" followed by a "u"

Week 23- Vowel teams that make the long /a/ sound

Week 24- Vowel teams that make the long /e/ sound

Week 25- Commonly misspelled words

Week 26- Vowel teams that make the long /o/ sound

Week 27- Vowel teams that make the long /i/ sound

Week 28- Contractions

Week 29- Soft "g" sound

Week 30- Soft "c" sound

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