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4 Communication Styles PowerPoint and Survey

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About This Product

In this lesson, students will learn about four communication styles; assertive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, and passive. There is a 9 slide PowerPoint Presentation and a follow-up 10 question survey for students to take and find out their dominating communication style. Summaries of each style are also attached so students can read about how their style impacts them and how to move towards a healthier style with others if needed. There are video clips embedded in slide #7 showing the 4 different styles with slide notes stating which video is which style. Please preview each video to make sure it is appropriate for your audience. Please read the slide notes for lesson flow and scoring the survey.

***This is the same overall content as my Communication Boom Cards in regards to the information about the 4 communication styles and student survey/answer information but includes video links and a PowerPoint presentation for lesson flow. Similar content but different modality.

What's Included

A PowerPoint presentation of the 4 communication styles, a communication survey and answer sheet, and a summary of each style with recommendations for students.

Resource Tags

communication stylessocial-emotional learningSEL school counselingprintables

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