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40 Days Drawing Challenge Book

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About This Product

The 40 Days Drawing Challenge Book is a versatile resource designed to boost creativity and enhance drawing skills in young learners. The teaching tool carries 40 unique drawing prompts that can introduce new concepts and reinforce existing ones.

Ideal for educators:

  • Public schools
  • Homeschooling parents

This resource serves as an engaging activity book for children right from preschool to grade 8. It covers a wide array of topics under Art & Music with emphasis on Graphic Arts, making it suitable for expanding knowledge in these subjects.

The key feature of this resource lies in its flexibility – each sheet includes two book pages, allowing teachers or parents the freedom to use it as per individual student needs. This personal touch provides essential support towards cascade learning, maintaining engagement with faster learners without rushing those who need more time.

Holiday and beyond:

This product fits perfectly into different scheduling scenarios - great for early finishers ready to take fresh challenges while others are still wrapping up their assignments. Plus, it's perfect leisure material during holiday times!

Additional perks include:
  • No child feeling left out

  • A practical classroom management tool

  • Helps achieve academic goals without compromise

Experience creative classrooms unfold as you engage your pupils with the easy-to-follow worksheets packed into The 40 Days Drawing Challenge Book—promoting not just creativity but an appreciation and understanding of art.

What's Included

1 PDF File with 22 pages.

Resource Tags

drawing prompts creativity boost graphic arts teaching resource art appreciation

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