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4th Grade Equivalent & Comparing Fractions and Mixed Numbers Guided Math Notes

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Grade 4



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About This Product

Make teaching equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, simplifying fractions and finding common denominators simple with these engaging, interactive guided math notes! This set includes 6 no prep guided math notes perfect for scaffolding 4th grade fractions lessons. Quick and easy setup, plus differentiated levels make these math notes perfect for substitute days, too!

Lead your 4th grade students to discover concepts of fractions by going through the gradual release of responsibility. Students will start by watching you and following along for the first section. Then they will work with a partner to collaborate. Finally, students will work independently to show what they have learned.

Here's what you'll get:

  • - Equivalent Fractions with Models Notes

  • - Equivalent Fractions by Multiples Notes

  • - Simplest Form Notes

  • - Common Denominators Notes

  • - Comparing Fractions Notes

  • - Comparing Mixed Numbers Notes

Your students will love learning in this mini lesson format. They'll be paying attention to your teaching, engaged in mathematical discussions with partners, and exploring fractions concepts on their own.

All of these guided fractions math notes come in 3 different versions, perfect for differentiation and meeting IEP accommodations such as providing notes ahead of lessons.

Prep is quick and easy... Just print the notes pages, gather writing utensils, and you're ready for simple and engaging fractions lessons!

The 3 included versions are:

  1. - Fully Filled In - Just print and pass out to students (perfect for IEP accommodations)

  2. - Fill in the Blanks - Print and students work through along with you

  3. - Completely Blank - Students have to write everything alongside you

Supports Common Core Standards (CCSS):

4.NF.1, 4.NF.2

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