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7 Christmas Activities using the Python Programming Language

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Grade 8, 9, 10





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This resource includes 7 Christmas themed, stand alone activities for students learning how to program using Python.

The activities go from basic activities to more complex tasks. Some of the skills and knowledge tested includes using input, FOR and WHILE loops, string manipulation, lists, exporting to an external file and importing from an external file.

The seven activities are:

Activity 1 - What do you want for Xmas? Santa asks a child their name and also asks what they want for Christmas. The child tells Santa their name and what they want for Christmas. Santa then replies with a sentence that includes the child’s name and what they want for Christmas.

Activity 2 - Ho Ho Ho! Write a program that uses a FOR loop so that Santa can say “Ho Ho Ho” 100 times!

Activity 3 - Make a Christmas Tree

Activity 4 – Guess the Reindeer - Write a program that allows Santa to play a game of guess the name of the reindeer.

Activity 5 – Are you on the “Nice” list? Write a program that only gives the child a present if they are on the “Nice” list.

Activity 6 – Presents Database - Santa would like to set up a database that stores data about the present each child asks for. You will need to create a notepad file for this exercise.

Activity 7 – Random Present Chooser - Your younger sister is going to see Santa in his Grotto. Santa has a choice of 8 gifts to give to your sister.

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