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Professor Cody Teaches Kids to Code using Scratch: Lesson 3

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Grade 5, 6, 7



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About This Product

Professor Cody Teaches Kids to Code using Scratch: Lesson 3

This third lesson in a series of six is aimed at teaching children aged 8-14 the exciting concept of selection, using 'If' and 'If then Else' block structures. A resource that makes learning seem almost like playtime, due to the enjoyable and engaging approach used in teaching it.

Educators seeking stimulating coursework or homeschoolers would find this material highly useful. It's designed with activities that can adapt to various teaching methods including:
  • Whole group instruction
  • Small group activities
  • Homework assignments

The core lies in introducing new concepts while reinforcing existing knowledge through practice. Students learn by creating! They'll get to develop multi-answer quiz programs and create a 'Crack the Code' game. Each segment is concluded with challenging series that test student comprehension.

Fetaures include:

  1. A comprehensive video tutorial accompanying each lesson -- providing step-by-step guidance for students ensuring no one gets left behind!
  2. An effective visual programming language - Scratch 3.0 known for its simplicity.
  3. Necessary Scratch templates easily downloadable from Edulito - saving time for educators or independent learners.

All resources including thirteen printable PDF pages along with readily accessible YouTube video tutorials cater seamlessly towards various learning styles ranging between Grade 5-7 in either Science or Computer Science syllabi.

In Conclusion:

This program stands as a remarkable resource which simplifies coding while sparking curiosity – empowering young minds towards technology, equipping parents, teachers and students alike with abundant resources towards nurturing future programmers and computer scientists, encouraging them to delve into coding confidently.

What's Included

13 printable pages in PDF Format and a YouTube Video Tutorial.

Resource Tags

coding programming concepts Scratch selection visual programming

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