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8th Grade Math Spiral Review Assessments for Common Core w/ Standards Checklist

An educational teaching resource from The Math Cafe entitled 8th Grade Math Spiral Review Assessments for Common Core w/ Standards Checklist downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 7



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About This Product

8th Grade Math Spiral Review Assessments for Common Core with Standards Checklist

A comprehensive teaching resource which fortifies key math concepts as defined in a standard 7th-grade math curriculum designed particularly to cater to Algebra teachers in both traditional and homeschooling environments.

Product Features:

  • 26 quizzes comprising a total of 697 questions. Designed spiral format as per the established Common Core/GSE Pacing Guide. Initiate reviews post covering the first ten topics of Grade seven and continue quizzing weekly or bi-weekly per individual teaching methodologies.
  • Versatility: Use as an evaluation tool after each chapter, homework assignments for continual student practice, or ideal tasks during substitute teacher periods. Also serves efficiently for drill practice before significant unit tests/state assessments.
  • Specially packed with a student checklist (directly correlating with each quiz), thus enabling self-evaluation—making students more responsible and independent in their learning journey. An editable version provides adaptability focusing on individual learner progress. Please note that while alterations can be made to the question order using Google Forms versions, original question & answer modification is not possible.

The product is available exclusively in PDF format easing download process, offering easy printing access and digital distribution among students catering seamlessly to hybrid classroom models across multiple platforms.

This multi-function study aid ensures strategic comprehensive reviewing practices critical in securing firm understanding and identifying potential areas requiring reinforcement when studying complex subjects like Algebra eventually leading to concrete preparedness for examinations such as state testing- backed up by real-time classroom implementation success testimonials.

What's Included

-26 Quizzes/697 Questions total

-Spiraled according to Common Core/GSE Pacing Guide

-Use weekly or every other week as a quiz, homework, substitute assignments, or anything you need it to be!

-Student standards checklist included and correlated directly to each quiz (including an editable version)

*Google Forms versions of the quiz are simple images of the questions from the quiz PDF; you will be able to delete/add or shuffle the question order but you will NOT be able to edit the questions & answers themselves.

I have used these in my own classroom and was SHOCKED at how well they correlated with the state test results!

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