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A Level Poetry Lesson: ‘The Deliverer’ by Tishani Doshi

A Level Poetry Lesson: ‘The Deliverer’ by Tishani Doshi
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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

A Level Poetry Lesson: 'The Deliverer' by Tishani Doshi'

'The Deliverer' by Tishani Doshi' is an engaging and thought-provoking teaching resource that delves into the powerful themes of female devaluation and patriarchal societal criticisms. With it, educators can explore the post-modern malaise in a complete, structured lesson perfect for classroom teaching, distance learning sessions over Google Meet or Skype, or even as an effective revision tool.

Educators can confidently assign this material as a comprehensive homework task without requiring any additional preparatory work on their part. Essential elements of language art such as poetic structure, use of linguistic devices and common themes are thoroughly addressed within this resource.

  1. An intriguing beginning with a stimulating activity
  2. An inclusive overview of the text itself
  3. Interactive tasks focused on content exploration.

Furnished with twenty-six animated slides in universally accessible Microsoft PowerPoint format - every aspect of studying poetry is covered here.. Furthermore learners are challenged to delve deeper via assessment questions related to language nuances and poetic devices employed by Doshi. The set structure further bolsters visible learning outcomes by addressing theme-oriented questions backed up by academic writing tasks where students get hands-on practice honing their argumentation skills via relevant contexts.

  • Aimed primarily at:
  • Grades 9 through 12 who have a curriculum focus on Language Arts (with emphasis on Poetry).
  • This package also comes equipped with extension tasks complemented by follow-up homework assignments aimed at reinforcing core literature comprehension swiftly built within class time.

The wide-ranging lesson plan culminates using effective plenary techniques which aim to consolidate all knowledge accumulated throughout the explorative journey dumbed down through 'The Deliverer'.

'A Level Poetry Lesson: ‘The Deliverer’ by Tishani Doshi' is a testament to the true essence of educative instruction that effortlessly encapsulates dynamic lesson planning with thorough engagement. Unlike the inconsequential materials flooding today's pedagogic sphere, this surfaces as a go-to teaching resource.

What's Included

1 PowerPoint with 26 ready to display slides

Resource Tags

female devaluation patriarchal criticism post-modern malaise linguistic devices visible learning outcomes

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