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A Wrinkle in Time: Exploring Literature Teaching Unit

A Wrinkle in Time: Exploring Literature Teaching Unit
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Grade 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

A Wrinkle in Time: Exploring Literature Teaching Unit

This is a comprehensive resource designed to help educators enhance their Language Arts instruction. Tailored for grades 4 through 9, this teaching unit simplifies the task of teaching this iconic book.

Inclusive Resources:

  • Study Guide:
  • Each chapter has its unique study guide aimed at promoting comprehension and active engagement with the material.

  • Vocabulary List, Test and Answer Key:
  • An extensive vocabulary list, test, and corresponding answer key optimised for each chapter are included.

  • Clear Discussion Ideas:
  • Captivating conversations regarding characters, plot development, themes, and symbolism can be enabled with the clear discussion ideas provided.

  • Writing Prompts:
  • Creativity among students is stimulated while providing practice on extrapolating lessons from the story. Implementation remains flexible; they can either be assigned during lesson progression or as homework assignments at completion

Brief Description: The beauty of this product lies in allowing teachers more time focused strictly on imparting knowledge rather than puzzling over designing structured lesson plans.

Digital Delivery:

The package is delivered in easily accessible PDF format as a single file product download making it easy for educators all over. Its simplicity benefits any learning medium including small group discussions or whole class sessions.

The Takeaway

The A Wrinkle in Time: Exploring Literature Teaching Unit inspires young minds towards a love of literature while reinforcing language arts learning outcomes.

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