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Acceleration - Google Slides and PowerPoint Lesson

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Grade 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

Acceleration - Google Slides and PowerPoint Lesson

A comprehensive and thoughtfully designed teaching resource for educators who aim to master the topic of Acceleration. This resource covers everything from introductory elements to advanced topics, making it ideal for learners of all levels.

Main Topics Covered:
  • Speeding up versus Slowing Down
  • Uniform vs Non-uniform Acceleration
  • Average Acceleration
  • Graphing Constant Acceleration (P-T, V-T and A-T graphs)
  • The Big Five Acceleration Equations

In addition to covering theoretical aspects, the material also provides real-world examples like the Aircraft Carrier Catapult System to bring relevance to the discussed ideas.

Included Package : Tutor Copy:

A detailed presentation with underlined blank areas indicating spots where students need to fill in information.

Student Copy:

An engaging version of the presentation with fill-in-the-blanks sections designed without overwhelming writing tasks.

Digital Exit Tickets:

An efficient checking system that allows easy grading while providing constructive feedbacks on assignments completed by students. Recommended Age:(6-8th Graders). Ideal for public school instruction or homeschool settings. Versatility extends its utilization into collaborative group works too. Office & Google Packages are included for ease during remote learning circumstances ensuring a smooth transfer devoid of any formatting issues. Part of an extensive motion unit relative with other lessons in Two-Dimensional Motion Units and contains real world applications & activities. To summarize, if you're looking forward to teaching accelerations via interactive methods inducing student engagement while providing complete learning, then this resource is perfect for your needs.

What's Included

1 zip file with:

-5 PDFs

-5 PowerPoints

-5 Word documents

Resource Tags

acceleration motion speed graphs inquiry-based learning

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