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Affixes Reference Charts for Prefixes and Suffixes

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Grade 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

These affixes charts serve as a great reference guide for teachers to use when teaching students about prefixes and suffixes. There is one chart for prefixes and one chart for suffixes Each chart includes the affix, its meaning and one or two examples of words that use the affix.

What is Included:

  • * 1 prefix chart with 19 common prefixes, their meaning and examples

  • * 1 suffix chart with 19 common suffixes, their meaning and examples

Prefixes and suffixes are used at beginning and end of root words or base words and they change the meaning of the words they are apart of. These charts are useful in that the list the most common prefixes and suffixes in the English language as well as their most common meaning as well as some examples of that prefix and suffix in use.

How to Use:

  • * These affixes charts make a great reference for teachers who plan to teach students prefixes and suffixes. They can be used to show examples of each prefix and suffix.

  • * The affixes charts can also be placed in a writing area or in writing journals for students to reference when writing their own original works to allow them to find more interesting words to use.

  • * These charts can also be sent home with students so parents know what prefixes and suffixes their students are working on to further assist students at home.

These affixes charts are neatly organized with no fluff. They provide a streamlined chart that is easy to read and understand for teachers to quickly find what they need to successfully teach their lesson.

These charts are a no-prep option for teachers. They can stay on the computer to be viewed digitally or be printed out and placed in a teacher binder for quick reference.

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