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Algebra: Equations - Solving with a Variable Input - FLASH-PC

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Grade 3, 4, 5

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About This Product

FLASH-PC: A Comprehensive Teaching Resource

  • Aids in understanding of algebra equations easily and enjoyably for Grade 3 to Grade 5 students.
  • Includes curriculum-based content organized into accessible sections.

Evaluation and Lesson Planning:

  1. A pre-assessment for understanding what the students already know about solving algebra equations.
  2. An effective lesson plan introduces new concepts progressively based on this initial understanding.

Real-World Word Problems:

The software features real-world word problems demonstrating practical applications of algebra beyond textbook learning, also includes timed drill activities.

Interactive Algebra Games:

    In the package you will find games such as,
  • A Memory Match Game,
  • The Spinner Game,,
    The Board Game..
    Makes Learning Fun While Reinforcing Math Skills.
Bilingual Support: The FLASH-PC Software supports both English and Spanish languages with complete voice overs

An easy-to-use intuitive SOFTWARE (PC) format ensures that teaching Algebra: Equations - Solving With a Variable Input is stress-free in Grades 3 through 5 classrooms or homeschool settings!

Flexible Module:

    This resource is suitable for multitude of uses like
  1. A whole group instruction; Ideal even during small groups or engaging homework assignments ensuring repetition until mastery is achieved.
  2. All culminating in well-designed assessments measuring pupil's proficiency accurately—especially important for today's remote-learning setup! >iA > /p>/uLis >ui /HVH> /pTh >alo > /araneta > < /HAda >chcagablea also comes with a teacher guide and printable for additional conveniences. The guide gives insightful tips on how to navigate the content and make the best use of every resource included

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