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Algebra: Number Charts - Learn the Skill - FLASH-PC

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Grade 1, 2

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About This Product

Algebra: Number Charts - Learn the Skill - FLASH-PC Overview

FLASH-PC is a premium teaching resource for introducing engaging ways of learning algebra. It's perfectly suited for students in the first and second grades.

The effectiveness of this tool lies in its integration with curriculum-based content, enriching classroom sessions and increasing students' knowledge retention.

  • Main Features:
    • Genuine word problems that relate to real-life situations, enhancing understanding and interpretation of abstract math concepts.
    • Inclusive lesson plan with invaluable math instruments aiding learners to better grasp algebraic equations.

A unique advantage of this software is its multilingual accessibility—a boon especially for English-Spanish bilingual classrooms. Instructions are routinely given in both languages, broadening the tool's usability landscape remarkably.

Versatility & Integrity:

This educational resource demonstrates great versatility— from group lessons to homework assignments; it adapts effortlessly given its self-contained nature.

    Additionally, it guarantees:
  • Educational content alignment with Common Core State Standards along with STEM initiatives,
  • Fidelity to NCTM standards throughout every written line,

In conclusion, no matter at what stage educators introduce Algebra instruction— from laying down foundational concepts or reinforcing familiar ones —'Algebra: Number Charts - Learn the Skill – FLASH-PC', stands out as a go-to tool!

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