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Algebra: Simple Patterns - PC Software

Algebra: Simple Patterns - PC Software
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About This Product

Algebra: Simple Patterns - PC Software

A robust teaching software designed to help educators in traditional classrooms and homeschool settings effectively instruct students on the basic concepts of algebra. The content is aligned with the curriculum and ideally suited for preschool, kindergarten, and early grade school level (grades 1-2).


  • Pre-assessment stage: Precisely gauge students' existing knowledge about algebraic patterns before starting a lesson.
  • Detailed Lesson Plan: A comprehensive roadmap that guides teachers through their lessons in an organized manner and ensures key learning objectives are met.
  • Real-world Word Problems: Present algebraic pattern concepts in relatable contexts for a practical understanding of the material.
  • A timed drill activity:Test speed without sacrificing accuracy, ideal for both group lessons or individual study sessions.


The software also includes math tools and printables making it easy to mix digital learning with hands-on activities. Additionally, to make learning more engaging there are multiple built-in games like memory match game, board game ,and spinner games available within the program.

Bilingual Support:
An added advantage is it's support Spanish voiceover & texts enabling bilingual instruction or assisting second language learners to easily make connections between verbal expressions in two languages. Note:
This product is compatible with PCs only .

In conclusion, combining all these features makes "Algebra: Simple Patterns - PC Software", an invaluable addition to any modern educational toolkit!

What's Included

1 zip file with PC software

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