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All About Patterns | Animated Math Video Lesson

All About Patterns | Animated Math Video Lesson
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2



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About This Product

Teaching Resource: All About Patterns | Animated Math Video Lesson
This exceptional teaching tool targets Maths teachers who believe in modern ways of teaching. The resource is directed at Kindergarten through 2nd Grade.

About the Video Lesson

The 'Animated Math Video Lesson' is a comprehensive guide on how to recognize and complete unique pattern sequences. This video goes beyond traditional teaching methods, utilizing technology-advanced learning techniques to build young minds' creative thinking and mathematical skills.


At its heart, this educational product contains an engaging 10-minute video that guides students through pattern sequences in a fun entertainment format.
Usage Scenarios:
  • Tutors can use this resource flexibly according to their learners' needs including group discussions or individual homework assignments.
  • This tool can also function as an ideal review mechanism before exams or quizzes.
  • The 'Animated Math Video Lesson' continues its utility even outside school, assisting children's social skills development like team-building and problem-solving abilities.

The Advantage
Since these resources are downloadable MP4 files, they can be accessed anywhere-anytime making it incredibly convenient for instructors when planning lessons.
In Conclusion, not only does the animated math video lesson make mathematics lovable again but it also cultivates vital skillsets that children will employ throughout their lives. Apart from merely being a teaching material–it helps educators in shaping students who find beauty even in abstract topics such as patterns within numbers.

What's Included

1 MP4 file

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