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All About Subtraction 6-10 | Animated Math Video Lesson

An educational teaching resource from Educational Voice entitled All About Subtraction 6-10 | Animated Math Video Lesson downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Kindergarten, Grade 1



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About This Product

All About Subtraction 6-10 | Animated Math Video Lesson Overview

All About Subtraction 6-10 | Animated Math Video Lesson is a captivating teaching resource designed specifically for kindergarten and first-grade educators. It delivers an engaging video lesson to introduce the concept of subtraction. The 8-minute MP4 file smoothly presents a step-by-step guide to understanding how to subtract numbers ranging from 6-10.

Aims of this Educational Resource

  • The primary goal is to make the subtraction concept clear and entertaining for young learners.
  • The vibrant animations and clear audio guidance ensures concepts are clarified while maintaining student interest.
  • The content can be integrated into varying teaching settings according to educator preferences or learner needs.

Possible Applications in Classroom Settings:

  1. Main course material during whole group instruction: Use the video as your main teaching content in classroom sessions.
  2. A fun homework assignment: Assign it as after-class homework that reinforces what has been taught in class, promoting at-home practice.
  3. A collaborative learning tool during small group sessions: Ideal for sparking discussions and interactions among students whilst learning math through this tool.

This educational resource can also be used effectively for homeschooling scenarios or grade one students needing further reinforcement on their subtraction skills!

Pedagogical Value Addition?

This resource instigates enthusiasm towards learning as well as fosters academic mastery among students by blending education with entertainment. It demonstrates mathematical operations like 'subtraction', not just by explaining but visualizing them using appealing animations.

Key Takeaway

All About Subtraction 6-10 | Animated Math Video Lesson, an innovative teaching tool making complex math operations more relatable and highly appreciated by younger audiences. It empowers educators with a practical, fun-filled, and educational approach in imparting the fundamentals of subtraction.

What's Included

1 MP4 file

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