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An Elementary School Play: Learning a Lesson

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Grade 3, 4, 5





Sue Peterson
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About This Product

An Elementary School Play: Learning a Lesson

An Elementary School Play: Learning a Lesson is a 17-page instructional tool designed to enhance teaching and learning in classrooms and homeschool environments. It is a creative resource designed for upper elementary students. The play opens with a '40s-era school scenario enabling your students to learn about historical education settings while understanding proper student-teacher etiquette. It also teaches children that the "grass is not always greener" on the other side and that getting an education should be appreciated.

Flexibility and Adaptation

  • The play is written with 12 on-stage roles and offers opportunities for unlimited behind-the-scenes responsibilities.

  • This product goes beyond a conventional reading lesson; it can be used for homework assignments (see the Teacher Guide for ideas) or even performed for an all-school audience.

  • Students can research what it was like growing up in America in the 1940s and what education was like back then.

Educational Benefits

  1. Aids literacy development through choral reading practices.

  2. Fosters comprehension during reading sessions. (Specific to this play is the use of flashback scenes, a device in narratives by which an event or scene taking place before the present time in the narrative is inserted into the chronological/structure of the text).

  3. Expands creativity in presentation skills and performance arts.

  4. Develops research skills.

  5. Increases an interest in history and drama.

This play is just one of the many creative plays on this site. Check out individual titles, and bundled grade level and thematic groupings by this author, Sue Peterson. Your students will continue learning lessons!

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