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An Elementary School Play: The Wonderful Wizard

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Grade 3, 4, 5





Sue Peterson
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About This Product

An Elementary School Play: The Wonderful Wizard is an instructional resource targeted toward 3rd to 5th graders. It's designed with 16 individual roles, allowing for flexibility based on student learning capacities and interests.

The resource promotes several key academic areas:

  • Character Development: Students explore different character roles, understanding their unique traits and story arcs.

  • Literacy Skills: The play encourages vocabulary expansion and boosts reading comprehension.

  • Creative Expression: Multiple behind-the-scenes roles like directing, prop management, or sound effects encourage student participation.

The content is provided as an 18-page PDF guide, equipping teachers with detailed discussion questions before and after every performance. Such discussion stimulates summarizing skills, creative expression, and critical thinking skills among students. This

resource aligns with current Balanced Literacy's educational strategies. As a whole class activity or small group task, the play provides an interactive method of learning vocabulary through the reading experiences within the play content.

The plot follows two princesses who receive assistance from the Wonderful Wizard on a quest to locate their brother Prince Peter whose adventurous streak leads him on various escapades! This script-based activity can be utilized during reading sessions, drama classes, or as homework tasks.

This resource strictly adheres to Common Core Standards involving literary comprehension which refers specifically to the ability “…to read and comprehend literature including stories, dramas..."

The play delivers an engaging education through imaginative storytelling drama while cultivating fundamental literacy skills appealing to varied educational settings.

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