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Animal Research Writing Project on GIRAFFES for K-2nd Grade

An educational teaching resource from K-5 Treasures entitled Animal Research Writing Project on GIRAFFES for K-2nd Grade downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2



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About This Product

Animal Research Writing Project on Giraffes for Kindergarten - 2nd Grade This engaging informational writing project teaches students key facts about giraffes while building research, reading, and writing skills. Over 19 pages of activities guide learners to read age-appropriate information on giraffe traits and habitats, collect important details, organize notes, practice writing sentences, and create a mini-book report. The materials incorporate colorful photographs, drawing prompts, differentiated graphic organizers and writing pages to accommodate various ability levels. Students will strengthen literacy abilities as they read for understanding, summarize main points, compose organized paragraphs, and share their knowledge. Appendix includes bonus units on additional animals. The giraffe unit can be implemented in small groups or whole class to bolster research skills. Writing templates scaffold the process for emerging writers by providing sentence starters, self-checking features and festive design. Teachers appreciate the ready-to-use package covering reading, note-taking, drafting, illustrating, and publishing. Engage your class in meaningful informational writing with this standards-based project.

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