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Are You An Optimist or Pessimist Lesson Plan With Student Survey

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About This Product

In this product, students will learn about optimism and pessimism. There is a 20 slide PowerPoint presentation that guides the entire lesson. There are 2 videos on slides 9 and 10 (click the image or look in the slide notes). The lesson begins with a series of 7 images that students will quickly choose an answer on how they think about the image. This can be a stand-up and sit-down activity for movement or students can raise their hands. Students then will take a survey and score their answers. Students really enjoy surveys and discussing their preferences with others. This is a no-prep engaging lesson (except for printing off survey and answer sheets) as the Powerpoint guides the entire lesson and activities. On the last slide in the slide notes, there are links to resources to help students change their thinking to more optimistic versus pessimistic if students would like to change their thinking. There are fun GIFS within the slide show.

What's Included

A Powerpoint lesson plan, student survey and score sheet.

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