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Are You An Optimist or Pessimist Lesson Plan With Student Survey

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Life Skills


Grade 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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About This Product

Are You An Optimist or Pessimist Lesson Plan With Student Survey is a resource designed to bring educational lessons on optimism and pessimism directly into the classroom. Perfect for educators of grades 4 through 10, this tool is equally useful for both public school teachers employing enhanced teaching techniques and homeschooled students.

This lesson plan revolves around a 20-slide PowerPoint presentation, offering clear guidance to students through each stage of the learning course. The content includes two embedded videos (located at slide numbers 9 and 10) which serve as visual aids to better understand the topic.

  • The first segment features seven quick question image prompts intended to engage student thought processes - these can be conducted via stand-up/sit-down methods or simple hand raising.
  • This is followed by an interactive survey where participants score their answers based on personal feelings, fostering open dialogue among peers about their choices.
  • Detailed answer sheets are provided post-survey; these aim at easy comprehension by all participants, thus making life skill education seamless!

The final slide inducts additional resources - links that guide students towards strategies employed for developing optimistic thinking over pessimistic attitudes. Furthermore, enjoyable GIFS strewn throughout ensure that sessions remain lively and engaging until the end!

Note: This resource primarily uses Microsoft PowerPoint; ensuring a flawless backdrop for memorable lessons. Optimally designed for whole-class settings, small group discussions, individual activities or even homework assignments; its versatility makes it adaptable across various teaching scenarios needing minimal preparation beforehand (except printing survey documents).

What's Included

A Powerpoint lesson plan, student survey and score sheet.

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