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Are You An Introvert Or Extrovert? Lesson With Kahoot! and Student Survey

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About This Product

In this product, students will learn about introverts and extroverts. There is a 7 slide PowerPoint presentation that guides the entire lesson. There are 2 video links (see slide notes) as well as a Kahoot! I made to engage students at the start of the lesson. Students will take a survey and score their answers. Students really enjoy surveys and discussing their preferences with others. This is a no-prep engaging lesson (except for printing off survey and answer sheets) as the Powerpoint guides the entire lesson and activities. There are even fun GIFS within the slide show.

What's Included

A ZIP file with a 7 slide Powerpoint, a Kahoot!, a survey for students with an answer sheet.

Resource Tags

introvert and extrovertsocial-emotional learningschool counselingsurveykahoot!