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Rhyme and Draw Phonics Activity Pack

About This Product

Introducing the Rhyme and Draw Phonics Activity Pack - the perfect tool to help your students develop their phonics skills in a fun and engaging way!

This ten-page PDFs resource is designed for students to practice identifying rhyming words while also unleashing their creativity through drawing and coloring.

With twenty sentences to work with, your students will be challenged to circle the words that rhyme, building their phonemic awareness and their ability to recognize and differentiate sounds. Once they have identified the rhyming words, they will then have the opportunity to draw a picture that illustrates the sentence. This not only helps them to practice their drawing skills but also provides a way to check their understanding of vocabulary and comprehension of the text.

We've made sure to include instructions that encourage students to use all of the space to draw the picture, incorporating a background, intricate details, a horizon line, and even patterns, color, and texture for an added level of depth and dimension. To finish off the masterpiece, students will outline the main image with a bold black marker, creating a stunning contrast and making the picture stand out even more.

For added fun, we've also included a set of pages with fuzzy dot guys for decoration, as well as a set of pages without. This allows for customization and personalization to suit the interests and preferences of your students.

Using PDFs for phonics instruction has never been more fun and rewarding! With the Rhyme and Draw Phonics Activity Pack, your students will have a blast while building essential phonics skills. So why wait? Download the Rhyme and Draw Phonics Activity Pack today and watch your students' phonics skills soar!

What's Included

1 PDF with 20 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

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