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At Home Learning Bible Songs

At Home Learning Bible Songs
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About This Product

At Home Learning Bible Songs for Early Learners

The At Home Learning Bible Songs is a compendium designed primarily for early learners ranging from preschool age, kindergarten, and grade 1. This resource provides an engaging blend of music and education so that children can easily connect with their spiritual roots through a gentle transition of melodies. Ideal for instructors in public schools, private tutors or homeschoolers looking for creative teaching methodologies to infuse profound Life Studies ethos into young minds.

Familiar Bible Songs Arranged into Kid-Friendly Melodies

This product comprises all-new arrangements of notable Bible songs such as "Rise and Shine," "Jesus Loves The Little Children," "I’m In The Lord’s Army," and "This Is My Commandment." These songs serve the dual purpose of enjoyable entertainment while instilling knowledge about the Creator's decree of love, benevolence, and grace. Presented in captivating melodies with simple-to-sing choruses, these songs are bound to give child education a new musical dimension.

A Fun-Filled At-Home & Distance Learning Resource

Packaged into a single zip file containing 24 delightfully tuneful songs sung by kids themselves catering to their peers! This easy-to-navigate collection hits home on familiarity making learning an ever delightful process. Tailored for flexible usage options — be it at-home learning environments or distance learning scenarios — this unique product reinforces the joy of acquiring biblical knowledge through song-based memories.

  • Sunday school sessions: enriches them with melodious vibrancy;
  • Church choir performances: provides young singers with ample repertoire choices;
  • In-car moments: bridges gaps between virtual classroom boundaries and real-world application.

Furthermore, this teaching aid adds versatility to any curriculum. It perfects teacher-student dynamics in diverse settings such as whole groups or smaller clusters besides doubling up as valuable content source for individual homework assignments.

Add Versatility and Joy to Your Teaching Experience

Raise your teaching experiences several notches higher by incorporating these sing-along assortments into your syllabus, thereby enabling the scholastic journey of young aspirants, both enjoyable and meaningful.

What's Included

1 zip file with 24 songs

Resource Tags

Bible songsEarly learnersEducationSing-alongSpiritual roots

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