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At Home Learning Speech Therapy Songs 1

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At Home Learning Speech Therapy Songs Volume 1 is an exceptional teaching resource aimed at Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 2 educators. It's ideal for children who are embarking on their language journey or working towards enhancing their speech competencies. This compendium of distinctive speech therapy songs and practices has been fine-tuned specifically for preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary learners, with the expertise of seasoned Speech-Language Pathologists.

Focal Points

This teaching asset primarily emphasizes fundamental linguistic features ranging from:

  • Basic vowel and consonant sounds,
  • Intricate transitions between consonants and vowels,
  • To sophisticated word-level series.

Each exercise concentrates on prominent mouth movements to boost students' utterance clarity.

Catering to Specific Needs

The resource pack caters specifically to young learners who might portray certain inconsistent pronunciation patterns such as:

  • Mispronouncing sounds in specific words while pronouncing it correctly in others,
  • Omitting syllables from multisyllabic words,
  • Havibg trouble combining multiple phonemes into a single word due to inconsistencies in coordinating lips, tongue, and jaw movements.

Workout Leader Concept

In order further streamline the learning process each practice includes a 'Workout Leader'. This role not only adds an element of excitement but also offers vital guidance during each session thereby fostering a highly interactive learning atmosphere.

Pack Contents & Versatility

'At Home Learning Speech Therapy Songs Volume 1' comes as one zip file containing 20 fun-filled songs fashioned considering diverse scenarios. This makes it a handy educational tool not only for at-home learning sessions or remote education but also during travel times transforming idle intervals into Valuable Learning Ventures.

Impact beyond Traditional Boundaries

In summation, this product caters to the varied needs and progression levels of different students offering opportunities like:

  • Class group participation,
  • Smaller after-school tasks as homework assignments.

This extends its effectiveness well beyond traditional classroom boundaries.


What's Included

1 zip file with 20 songs

Resource Tags

speech therapy language development phoneme practice interactive learning educational songs

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