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NO PRINT Articulation at Home - R Edition for Distance Learning

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About This Product

Product: NO PRINT Articulation at Home - R Edition for Distance Learning

The NO PRINT Articulation at Home is a noteworthy intersection of technology and education, specifically designed to refine the pronunciation of the “r” sound among students from varying grades. This digital teaching resource takes a step further by generating not just an environment for learning but also interaction.

This interactive resource stands out due to its flexible digital format which allows it to be seamlessly shared through email or downloaded onto various devices such as computers or tablets. It serves as an excellent guide for home practice, helping students improve their articulation right in the comfort of their home.

The functionality includes features such as:

  • A moveable circle which helps track daily practice
  • An opportunity to rate how tired a student's tongue is!
  • Included recorded instructions for sound production along with models for isolated sounds, syllables and single words.
  • Checkable boxes that aid in tracking repetitions making this resource ideal whether used in individual study or small group sessions.

To supplement this comprehensive tool effectively, computer systems need Adobe Reader and Flash Player installed along with trusting the document to enable 3D content like recordings. Thus promising fluent utilization regardless of whether educators decide employ it during virtual group lessons or assign them as homework projects enhancing space-time learning efficiency.

Note: One key component is that its usage isn't restricted; teachers can share this valuable tool with parents aiding them in reinforcing speech therapy lessons at home captivating multi-directional benefits – needless to say within certain rules related to copyright protection mentioned in Terms Of Use.

Inside this pack you'll find exercises suitable for:
  • 'r' sound isolation
  • 'r' sounds within syllables including vocalic /r/
  • Initial word positioning with r consonant focus.
  • Medial-and-final-word-position vocalic /r/ exercises – all curated thoughtfully keeping diverse user needs in mind.

To recapitulate our eminently useful NO PRINT Articulation at Home – R Edition for Distance Learning is a wonderful teacher's aide irrespective of the grade they're teaching and should certainly make its onto their digital tool kit. It is compatible with multiple devices, promotes home learning engagement, and importantly, comes with professional support in case queries arise before a purchase.

File Type: PDF
Subjects: Special Education Resources Specifically Speech Therapy
Activities Type: Activities
Grades: Not Grade Specific

What's Included

This pack includes the following:

/r/ in isolation

/r/ in syllables

vocalic /r/ in syllables

/r/ word initial position words

vocalic /r/ word medial and final words

Resource Tags

articulation distance learning interactive resource speech therapy home practice

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