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Back To School Audio Book

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About This Product

Back To School Audio Book - An Innovative Educational Tool

The Back To School Audio Book is a meticulously designed product for educators, comprising public school teachers and homeschoolers. The central theme revolves around two stories capturing the initial-day-at-school encounters of young students.

"Meme's First Day of School" and "My First Day of School”, depict mixed emotions experienced by the main characters of each story. Meme befriends an interesting furry teacher- Mr.Fuzzo, creating a positive spin on her first day at school. On the other hand, Amy's narrative involves an anxiety-ridden start followed by comforting care from the school nurse when she suffers a minor injury.

Engaging Content & Uplifting Songs

  • Narrative content that facilitates engagement and imparts lessons on dealing with unexpected situations.
  • Jovial songs featured towards the end that aim to ease new-school related anxieties while boosting excitement about new classes.

Versatile Application Across Learning Settings

This resource can be incorporated effortlessly within various educational settings for enhancing group activities or individual comprehension skills. Additionally useful for focused one-on-one sessions or small group interactions allowing personalized guidance in language attribute development among Grade 1 and Grade 2 students through auditory means accompanied by art & music components.

Packaging Details

The product conveniently includes three MP3 files as part of one downloadable ZIP file.

In conclusion, 'Back To School Audio Book' fosters enriching learning experiences among children with its enlightening materials whilst aiding educators in navigating through budding minds stepping into formal schooling.

What's Included

1 zip file with three MP3's

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