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Basketball Dribble Rubric

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About This Product

The Basketball Dribble Rubric

The Basketball Dribble Rubric is a comprehensive teaching resource designed specifically to support physical education for students. This tool focuses on the critical skill of dribbling in basketball, adopting a systematic approach to guide learners' progress in skill acquisition. Being intrinsically EdTPA friendly, it demonstrates its utility not just for established educators but also for pre-service teachers seeking evidence-based methods.

Formative Assessment

Constructed as a formative rubric, it undertakes the vital task of assessing students' ongoing development in mastering precision and control required for successful dribbling. It smartly separates the Final Success Score and Component Score Scale, facilitating easy grading while ensuring individualized attention to each learner's progress story.

Versatility & Useability

  • The rubrics are available in two distinct versions - vibrant color and restrained black-and-white - allowing users to either highlight visual engagement or provide simplified clarity.
  • All necessary details are encapsulated in two pages within one ready-to-print PDF file.
  • Beyond mere assessment tools – they serve as dovetailing components within larger PE classes and game-based activities aligning with cognitive and physical goals.

Focused Skill Development & Integration

The resources transform recess sessions from unsystematic play into structured activities that help build different skills such as threading accuracy & agility into sporting habits to boosting cardiovascular endurance. They guide organizing games aiming at maximally engaging student participation - interactions that improve throwing prowess, enhance running stamina or refine goalkeeping technique among many others.

School Events Relevance

Beyond isolated physical skills development - the Basketball Dribble Rubric also finds functional relevance during school events such as field days or reward functions where instrumentality comes paired with fun-filled enjoyment.

To summarize: the Basketball Dribble Rubric manifests itself both tangibly – through cards encapsulating step-by-step instructions and abstractly – by fostering a culture of teamwork and sportsmanship, reminding all stakeholders that the joy of learning extends well beyond academic boundaries.

What's Included

1 PDF with 2 ready to print pages

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Basketball Dribbling Physical education Skill acquisition Rubric

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