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Physical Education Rubric Bundle

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About This Product

Physical Education Rubric Bundle This bundle provides 5 rubrics to assess key physical education skills for elementary and middle school students. The colorful, easy-to-use rubrics cover overhand throwing, catching, stationary ball kicking, basketball dribbling, and soccer ball dribbling. Teachers can use these rubrics to evaluate skill development and provide feedback to students. The rubrics define performance levels from beginning to mastery to help students understand expectations and track progress. Versions in color and black-and-white are included. These rubrics support standards-based PE instruction and continuous assessment. Use them for individual, small group, or whole class evaluation. The rubrics facilitate targeted feedback so students can improve performance. Modify grade levels or skills as needed.

What's Included

1 PDF with 10 ready to print pages

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physical education rubric assessment graphic organizer bundle pe rubric rubric for physical education elementary physical education rubrics

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