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BC Grade 6 Math Full Year Supplemental Activities, Games, Assessments, Stations, Journals and More! 70 Printable Pages

About This Product

BC Grade 6 Math Full Year Supplemental Activity Package

Do you need some fresh, fun, and engaging lessons for your grade six math class? If you want to add some spice to your 6th grade math program, this is the full year resource package for you!

This full-year resource, spanning over 70 pages, comes brimming with exciting games, inclusive assessments, interactive stations and detailed math journals. The package is crafted precisely for grade six math teachers in British Columbia, Canada.

What does this Activity Package offer?

  • Real-life applications: Dive into practical scenarios like budge planning for a birthday party.

  • Interactive Learning: Use the math stations for hands-on learning for several different curricular areas.

  • Quick and Easy Assessments: Monitor students' progress efficiently with exit slips, quizzes, and math journals.

19 Content Learning Standards are Addressed:

Small to Large Numbers (thousandths to billions)

Multiplication and Division Facts to 100

Order of Operations with whole numbers

Factors and Multiples including LCM and GCF

Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions

Introduction to Ratio

Whole-Number Percent & Percentage Discounts

Multiplication & Division of Decimals

Patterns using Expressions, Tables, and Graphs

One-step Equations

Perimeter of Complex Shapes

Area of Triangles, Parallelograms, & Trapezoids

Angle Measurement and Classification

Volume and Capacity


Combinations of Transformations

Line Graphs

Single-Outcome Probability (Theoretical & Experimental)

Financial Literacy (Simple Budgeting & Consumer Math)

How to Use:

These activities are designed to be used alongside your standard textbook curriculum. You can use the text to introduce topics and new concepts, and then use these activities to show your students how the math they are learning is easily applicable in so many everyday situations.

Grades to Use With:

This package is specifically designed to meet every content learning standard in British Columbia Mathematics 6. However, many of the activities could also be used in grade 5-7 classes in other states and provinces!

What's Included:

70 Page Printable PDF with dozens of activities, games, assessments, stations, and journal prompts! Answer Keys are included where applicable.

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