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Bee Prewriting Tracing Lines

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About This Product

These bee themed prewriting tracing card activity gives students ample practice with handwriting by having them trace a wide variety of lines, including straight lines, zig zags, curves, and loops. These tracing lines will help guide students to learn to write from left to right to mimic how students will eventually learn to write words and sentences.

There are two sets of cards in this product:

  • One set has a colorful boarder that you can be printed on white paper. The bright colors of this set will keep students engaged with tracing.

  • One set has a white border. The less busy background is perfect for students who may become distracted by the extra patterns and colors.

Ways to Use

  • Writing or Fine Motor Center - Place these cards in a writing or fine motor center for students to practice tracing the lines or placing manipulates onto the lines.

  • Write and Wipe Activity - Laminate the cards to create a write and wipe activity.

  • Morning Tubs or Baskets - Place the cards in a morning tub for students to complete as their classmates arrive to class.

  • Small Group Activity - The teacher can pull aside students who need extra writing practice to complete these cards.

There are several ways you can prepare these cards. You can create a fine motor center by adding small manipulatives to lay on top of the lines. By adding tongs, the teacher can add more fine motor practice. You can laminate the cards and create a write and wipe activity using dry erase markers. A third way to use these cards is to add cotton swabs and paint for students to place dots on the lines. Be sure to instruct students to start at the left and move to the right, directing them to guide the bee to its hive.

These insect themed prewriting cards are a low prep activity for teachers to prepare for students. There are two options for creating these cards. One is to cut them apart and have students complete in one of the way listed above. The other is to leave the sheet whole and simply laminate. The cards can easily be stored in a pencil box so that this activity is easy to set up, clean up and store.

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