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Behavior Management - Stop that Blurting and Calling Out

An educational teaching resource from Sunshine and Lollipops entitled Behavior Management - Stop that Blurting and Calling Out downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Stop That Blurting and Interrupting is a Behavior Classroom Management resource which was created to support students who have difficulty with calling out. I would say that in the beginning of the year, that is pretty much everyone!

This packet can be used with any book on this topic or it can stand alone. It is meant to be used with grades: K-3, but can be adapted for older grades.

So I am sure you are wondering what’s included in this packet:

♥ 5 Strategy cards and 5 8.5X11 Posters to use and discuss to help child to be better listeners and not interrupt when they feel like they might explode! These cards can be put on a chart as you discuss this topic or simply placed somewhere in the classroom for reference. 1 blank card is included to add other ideas or you can simply write them on the chart s you glue these cards on the chart.

♥ 6 differentiated response sheets that can be used for various students in various ways.

♥ 8 role playing cards to allow students to think what they might do in situations where they feel like they might interrupt.

♥ 2 awards to use for children who may have this difficulty and need some positive reinforcement when they remember to use the recommended strategies.

♥ An original poem to read and reflect upon or hang in the classroom.

♥ An idea you might want to use to motivate your students and to demonstrate an explosion:

Teacher Tip:

Ask the students if they know what interrupting means. After listening to responses, formulate a short definition. Discuss how sometimes you can feel like you might explode when you really want to say something but someone else is talking. Then shake a club soda bottle a bit and have each student shake it as you pass it. Once each student has had a turn, open the bottle in a large tub or container OR NOT…a mess can always be cleaned up and show your class that sometimes we feel like we are going to explode if we are not able to blurt out what we want to say... just like this soda bottle.

What's Included

1 PDF file.

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