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Best Case Scenario Worksheet

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Anxiety often stems from fixating on worst-case scenarios. This growth mindset worksheet guides children to counteract worry with optimism by imagining favorable outcomes for stressful situations. Rather than reinforce downward spirals, kids learn to redirect thoughts constructively.

Children are to think about a specific thing they are worried about, concerns like struggling at school, arguing with friends, upcoming doctors visits, or changes causing uncertainty. They will then have a large open box in which they can write or draw about what the best possible conclusion would be.

Considering best case scenarios cultivates hope, problem-solving skills, and emotional resilience. Teachers can use the worksheet alongside SEL lessons about confidence, adaptability, or self-talk. Therapists might utilize it to reframe cognitive distortions. Caregivers can practice at home when children feel apprehensive about major life changes.

The versatile format makes reframing worries feel safe for young students through teens. Instead of being consumed by anxiety, kids gain skills to insert positivity. Over time, consciously countering fears with silver linings rewires default neural pathways from catastrophic thinking to cooler analysis. Kids emerge better able to tolerate ambiguities in life by anchoring to values-based outcomes.

Simple yet profoundly uplifting, this worksheet leverages solution-focused thinking to build courage and emotional muscle. Visualizing success spurs development of tenacity, problem-solving, and self-soothing skills to carry us through storms.

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